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Update on the All In CHAOSS DEI Badging Initiative

Sarah Oyetubo image

Sarah Oyetubo @soyetubo

Senior DI&B Program Manager, GitHub
Elizabeth Barron image

Elizabeth Barron @elizabethn

Community Manager, CHAOSS

November 22, 2023 // SkillingPartnerships

Published on: November 22, 2023

Since its inception in 2021, GitHub All In has centered around collaboratively improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in open source, and partnering with leaders focused on similar efforts. One of the earliest partners of All In was the Linux Foundation’s open source project CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics Open Source Software). Founded in 2017, the CHAOSS community defines open source community health metrics and builds tools that help maintainers, developers, OSPO leaders, and community managers interpret various trends in a project, with the goal of enabling them to create healthier and more sustainable open source communities.

Earlier this year, All In joined CHAOSS as a Founding Partner in the development of a pilot project around DEI Badging that would bring together CHAOSS DEI Metrics as a way for projects to communicate and signal their attention to creating welcoming communities.

As the project moves from pilot to production, we’re happy to announce that CHAOSS will be the home and primary maintainer of the DEI Project Badging. We’re excited for CHAOSS to bring this pilot into production and that GitHub All In could provide a space for bringing their vision to life.

From the beginning, it was crucial to All In and CHAOSS that this project be truly open source and include contributions from anyone interested in participating. All In plans to continue to collaborate with CHAOSS and participate in the project as a Contributing Partner, as the project evolves and the list of badged projects grows.

If you would like to join our efforts, we welcome your participation! Here are the ways you can collaborate with us:

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