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Skilling, Equity & Community

Focus Areas

Skilling, equity, and community

At GitHub, we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to not only use technology, but also create it. Building a more diverse and inclusive tech industry makes for better, more innovative products that serve a broader audience and have the potential to positively impact society as a whole. This is especially true of open source software development, which has revolutionized our relationship to technology and transformed the world we live in today. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to the educational and infrastructural support needed to join—let alone advance in—the developer community.

As the largest open source platform in the world, GitHub is uniquely positioned to lower barriers to entry in open source and help close gaps in representation in tech more broadly. Working with our network of developers and partner organizations, our social impact team connects individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds in tech with the research-backed tools, training, and support they need to join and thrive in open source.

Addressing the gap between underserved communities and skilling for the future of technology, GitHub has committed to skilling 5,000 people in open source in the next three years. We believe that by working together with our partners to provide the right resources to the people who need them, we can create a future where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the power of technology.

Key initiatives

Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion can make open source projects more accessible, welcoming, and productive for people from different backgrounds. We work together with partners, developers, maintainers, students, and more to build and advocate for inclusive communities.

All In for Students

All In Africa

All In Africa is designed to empower Africans and bridge the diversity gap of developers through free open source education, comprehensive training, mentorship, vibrant community engagement, and career focused experiential opportunities. Participants will enhance their technical skills with access to open source courses, practical training, and hackathons. The program offers a unique chance to connect with tech professionals and fellow students across Africa, fostering networking and collaboration. By joining this community, individuals can collaborate on impactful open source projects that address real-world challenges.

Learn more about All In Africa
All In for Students

All In for Students

All In for Students is an online program for tech students from underrepresented backgrounds that provides open source education, training, and internship opportunities. Together with corporate partners, industry leaders, researchers, and foundations, the program builds upon existing research and initiatives in order to create a more inclusive environment within open source for future developers everywhere.

Learn more about All In for Students
All In for Students

All In for Maintainers

A maintainer is to a community what a manager is to a team: They directly influence the community’s culture, practices, and communication styles. That’s why we launched All In for Maintainers, a program that empowers maintainers with the tools and information they need to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within their communities.

Learn more about All In for Maintainers

Making a difference

Impact by the numbers

students in an talk
435 People skilled through All In to date
112 Universities represented in All In for Students
7,000+ Voices captured in the 2021 Open Source DEI Survey
300+ Maintainers and community leader participants in the Maintainers Listening Tour

Reports and resources

Together with Microsoft and our partners, we are committed to building a more inclusive open source community. Read about our progress and learn more about how to get involved.

two guys working

2021 open source DEI survey

We listened to 7,000+ voices to learn how best to support maintainers in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their communities.

Learn about the survey

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging at GitHub 2022

GitHub is dedicated to building a community that reflects our world. Our goal is to continue building a world where diverse contributions are accepted and all voices are heard.

View the report

Microsoft, LinkedIn, GitHub skilling resource

LinkedIn, Microsoft, and GitHub are offering free learning paths mapped to jobs that are in demand, discounted Microsoft certifications to validate skills, and best practices for job searching and interview prepping.

View the opportunities

Strategic partners

We know that we cannot do this work alone. Together with community members, corporate partners, and key stakeholders, we’re on a mission to create a future where anyone, regardless of their background, has an equal opportunity to benefit from the power of technology.



As a Linux Foundation project, CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics in Open Source Software) helps people by creating metrics, metrics models, and software to better understand open source community health on a global scale. CHAOSS has been an integral part of our skilling efforts since our launch in 2021. Their extensive experience in open source DEI metrics has helped us launch our own DEI survey, Maintainers listening tour—and we’re proud to have them as our lead partners for the DEI badging initiative.

Learn more about CHAOSS
Major League Hacking
Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking (MLH) is the official student hackathon league, an engaged community made up of future technology leaders and entrepreneurs. We worked together with MLH in 2022 to launch a 12-week open source project for students during the All In for Students pilot. In its second year of programming, student participation grew by 12X.

Learn more about Major League Hacking
Linux Foundation
Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation provides vendor-neutral courses and certifications in Linux, cloud computing, blockchain, web development, embedded systems, DevOps, and more with self-paced e-learning, instructor-led courses, and industry-leading certifications. We partnered together to run and issue the DEI Survey designed to listen and learn about how to support maintainers to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their communities.

Learn more about the Linux Foundation
All Things Open
All Things Open

All Things Open

All Things Open is a universe of events and platforms focused on open source, open tech, and the open web. All In students were invited to attend All Things Open's annual open source conference for free, and get the opportunity to network and sit in on exciting and educational industry sessions.

Learn more about All Things Open
United Efforts - Children in India
United Efforts logo

United Efforts

United Efforts empowers low income high school students in India with technology skills to take part in STEAM curriculum, career opportunities, and more. Together with Microsoft, we’re supporting students in Karnataka state to help shape their futures in tech through teacher training, mentorship opportunities, community development, and local programming.

Learn more about United Efforts

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