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Environmental Sustainability

Focus Areas

Humanitarian response

Humanitarian crises strike at a moment’s notice. No matter the emergency, we work together with nonprofit organizations and the developer community to act with swiftness, transparency, and trust to ensure GitHub teams and technologies have the highest impact on humanitarian aid. Be it through our Skills-Based Volunteering employee volunteering program or our dedicated grantmaking fund, we prioritize our humanitarian response to achieve high-impact positive change to those who need it most.

Partner spotlights

When disaster strikes, it’s critical to collaborate with international organizations, NGOs, and partners alike to ensure that we can provide help where it’s needed. But we can’t do this alone. We’re proud to partner with nonprofits and support employees to prioritize assistance in emergency events.

Save the Children
Save the Children logo

Save the Children

The pace of our world is accelerating, and with it, the digital landscape is rapidly evolving. Every half second, a child takes their first steps into the online world. Today, every child is a participant in the digital ecosystem, and many of them view it as a source of great potential. Access to technology can empower children to exercise their full range of civic, political, and social rights. However, access to technology is not distributed equally, and it is not always a safe or positive experience. Save the Children aims to help build a digital world for---and with—children that is safe and positive. We’re working together to help create an equitable world in which children can participate and benefit from technology.

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DataKind brings high-impact organizations together with leading data scientists to use data science in the service of humanity. Through its programs, contributions of its robust community of volunteers, and partner organizations like Microsoft and GitHub, DataKind tackles a wide variety of projects that leverage data science for the greater good. From helping Amnesty International develop an algorithm to predict human rights violations to using mobile data to help the Grameen Foundation assess the impact of its programs, DataKind has worked with organizations large and small around the world to create positive change.

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Latest insights

Reports and resources

Together with Microsoft and our partners, we are committed to prioritizing our humanitarian response to deliver high-impact positive change to those who need it most. Read about our progress and learn more about how to get involved.

AI for Humanitarian Action

AI for Humanitarian Action

Microsoft’s AI for Humanitarian Action plan supports disaster response, refugees, displaced people, human rights, and the needs of women and children.

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Nonprofit Ersilia uses an open-source repository of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models for drug discovery to equip universities, hospitals, and laboratories in low-resourced countries with data science tools for infectious and neglected disease research.

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Digital Development Compass

Digital Development Compass

The United Nations’ Development Programme’s Digital Development Compass allows users to interact with data to understand the digital state of any nation and see comparisons and recommendations. It is the biggest compilation of global datasets on digital transformation; aggregating and visualizing these metrics for the first time.

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