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Tech for Social Good

Tech for Social Good leverages GitHub’s platform, products, community, and people to strengthen the social sector’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Tech for Social Good’s Commitment to the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a powerful global framework to measure human development. In aligning its work with the SDGs, Tech for Social Good ensures its efforts are supporting clear and transparent measures of human progress. We tracked how we used our time in 2022 to support 9 of the 17 SDGs.

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Three community health workers outside of a health facility near Accra, Ghana

Our Key Activities


We answer key questions to help the social sector build better technology solutions and collaborative cultures.

Community building

We bring together communities around the SDGs and technology topics that are relevant in the social sector.

Guides and Tools

We create guides, case studies and other resources to help the social sector use and contribute back to open source solutions.


We support community events that promote Tech for Social Good work on the SDGs.


Read our new research report on open source software in India, Kenya, Egypt, and Mexico

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Highlighted Programs

Activating Developers banner

NEW! Activating Developers

Tech for Social Good is collaborating with the social sector to empower 50,000 more GitHub users to contribute to social good projects. As part of this initiative, we have launched an Open Source Community Manager program to support DPGs.

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Skills-Based Volunteering

In 2020, Tech for Social Good launched the Skills-Based Volunteering program to help social sector organizations address common challenges they face using GitHub and other tech platforms. Since then, Hubbers have helped more than 15 social sector organizations address these challenges through short-term virtual volunteering projects.

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Engagements with the United Nations

From supporting the WHO in their COVID-19 work, to helping launch the first Open Source Programme Office in the United Nations (UN), to strengthening digital public goods, Tech for Social Good has supported more than ten specialized agencies, funds, and programmes of the UN.

Watch the WHO OSPO talk
Printed version of the Open Source Software in India, Kenya, Egypt, and Mexico report

Open Source Research

We have published two research reports on open source software (OSS). Read our latest report on OSS in India, Kenya, Egypt, and Mexico. Our first report on Open Source Software in the Social Sector is on our Insights page.

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Engagement Opportunities

Digital Public Goods Open Source Community Manager

Applications are now closed.

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Open Source for Good Updates

Tech for Social Good runs the Open Source for Good mailing list.

Stay updated on the latest news at the intersection of open source and social good.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about our programming, partner with us, or get in touch, contact our team today.

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