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This is the editorial style guideline for blog posts on the Social Impact’s Insights page. The goal to create consistency among contributions from different authors. It is not meant to erase an individual author’s voice!


Before drafting, answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the key audience?
  2. What are the main messages you are trying to convey to your key audience?
  3. What value will readers get from this post?



Depending on the nature of the post, use first or second person in plural. In some cases, singular may be preferred. All posts should have at least one copy edit.


The audience of these posts includes social sector organizations, open source for good practitioners and social impact professionals. Terms that are used in other GitHub platforms might need to be defined for these audiences, including developer, maintainer, and repo. (more info coming)


Posts should be a maximum 500 words, if possible, to keep entries succinct.


Wherever possible, add references for cited facts and quotes. Clearly state if an idea is an opinion or emerged from Social Impact research, program work or our partners.


Ensure images are public domain, the author has permission to use the image, or the image was created for the post.

Color and style guidelines for images